Light and leadership

We are the leaders...we just need to act like it.

This is a big week. In the parsha we learn about taking olive oil for the menorah and the clothing of the kohanim, who light the menorah. A whole parsha about clothing! And what do clothing and the menorah have in common? This is a cute (but accurate) quote: “Leadership is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” This is the kohanim, specifically the Kohen Gadol. He has special clothing to remind him (and those who see him) of his mission and his responsibilities. He cares for and lights the menorah. He is in charge of lighting up the people, and, therefore, it is incumbent upon him to fully know what and why he is doing what he is doing and actually do it.

Until we have the Temple, we need to be the leaders. The oil for the menorah is only the very first drop from each olive. Pure, fresh. We, too, can try to do something right the first time and make it pure and fresh. We can be a shining example, like the gold of the menorah. We, too, can remember that our clothing has the capacity to keep us doing the right thing. Every piece of the kohen’s clothing representing a different category of thought and behavior. We can try to use our feet to run and help someone, our bodies to care and nurture someone, our minds to think positive thoughts and our mouths to only let out positive words.

Let us access the power to light and be leaders.