Go with the flow or go for great!

This Shabbos is known as “Shabbos HaGadol” The great Shabbos. What is so great?? Tying the national mascot to your bedpost for a week when you could be killed at any moment? That is great! Making “bread” without kneading it because you will be escaping from a country from whence no one has ever escaped? That is great! Putting the blood of the famed national animal on the doorpost and fully believing this will save your firstborn child? That is great!

This is the season of greatness. This is the time to break that bad habit, to form that new habit, to reconnect with that person or start that project. This is when you can reach greatness. Hashem put into world the ability to reach greatness. Just take that first step and believe in your self.

It is your choice. Go with the flow or reach for the great!